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This data privacy statement shall inform the users of this website about the kind, range and purpose of the collection of personal data through the website operator.

The website operator takes data privacy serious and treats your personal data trustfully and according to legal requirements. Through new technologies and further development on this website, the data privacy statement will be a subject of change in the future. Therefore we recommend you to check for updates of this data privacy statement on a regular basis. You can get the definitions of the used terms (e.g. "personal data" or "processing") in Art. 4 GDPR.

Accessed data

The website operator and the hosting provider are collecting data about visits on our website, because they have an legitimate interest in doing so (see Art. 6(1) GDPR). The data will be stored as log-files on the website server. The following kinds of data are being logged:

  • The visited website / URL
  • Date and time of the visit
  • Amount of sent data in bytes
  • Source/Reference, which you came from to visit our website
  • Browser used
  • Operating system used
  • IP-Address used
The log-files will be stored for seven days and then deleted. The collection of the data is for security purposes, e.g. to investigate cases of abuse. If data is used as an evidence, it will be stored until the case is completly closed.


Processing kind and purpose

Like many other websites, we are also using Cookies. Cookies are small text-files, which will be stored on your computer (PC,Smartphone,Tablet etc.), when you are visiting our website.

Used cookies and storage time

Depending on your internet browser setting, the following cookies will be created on your computer by our website:

AspNetCore.Culture: This cookie is needed to determine the language settings of browser. They are used to display our website in the correct language.

Further cookies are beeing used by Google AdSense and Goolge Analytics. Information about this is available in the appropriate sections further down.

In your internet browser settings you can delete single cookies or the whole cookie storage. Below, you can find links to instructions for deleting cookies or avoiding their storage for commonly used internet browsers:

Google AdSense

This website uses Google Adsense. It's a service of Google Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA for including advertisements on websites. Google AdSense uses cookies. These are files, which will be stored on your computer and allow Google to analyse the use of this website. Additionally Google AdSense uses Web Beacons, invisible graphics, which allow Google to analyse clicks, traffic and similar information on this website.

The data, collected by the described cookies and web beacons, your IP-Address and the delivery of adverts will send to a server of Google, which is located in the USA and stored there. Google will possibly forward this data to third parties, if this is required by law or Google has ordered third parties to process the data. Google will merge the data with your IP-Address.

You can avoid the creation and storage of these cookies on your computer through the appropriate settings in your internet browser. Thus it is possible, that you can not use the full functionality of this website anymore.

By using this website, you agree to the processing of your personal data through Google in the described manner above.

Google Analytics

This website is using the service "Google Analytics", which is offered by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to analyse the website usage through the user. This service uses "Cookies" - text files, which are stored on the end user's device. In general, the collected data will be send to and stored on Google's servers in the USA.

This website uses IP-address anonymization. The IP-address of users from within a member state of the European Union and the European Economic Area will be shortend. Through this this shortening, your IP-address is not personalized anymore. According to the data processing contract, which the website operator has concluded with Google Inc., it creates an analysis of the usage and activity on this website and carries out services regarding the internet usage.

You can avoid the creation and storage of these cookies on your computer through the appropriate settings in your internet browser. Thus it is possible, that you can not use the full functionality of this website anymore.

Furthermore, you can avoid sending data, collected by cookies, to Google Inc. by installing a browser plugin. This link leads to that plugin: Here you can get further information about the data usage by Google Inc.:

You can also avoid Google Analytics collecting data about you by clicking this link, If click the link, you'll download the "Opt-Out"-Cookie. The settings of your browser must allow the download and storage of cookies. If you delete your browser cache (including coockies) on a regular basis, you have to click that link every time, you visit this website.

User rights

You, as the user of this website, have the right to get the information about what personal data is collected about your usage by the services on this website, on application. Furthermore, you have the right of correcting this data, limiting it's processing and deleting the data. If you assume, that your personal data was illegaliy processed, you can file a complaint at the appropriate supervisory authority.

Data deletion

If your wish does not collide with the legal requirements for storing personal data (e.g. Data Retention Directive), you have the right, that your personal data collected on this website will be deleted. The data will be automatically be deleted, if it's original distinct purpose is not applicable anymore and the legal retention period is over. If a deletion is not possible, because of legal requirements for instance, processing of the data will be limited. The data sets will be locked and not be processed for other purposes.

Right of objection

Users of this website can exercise their right of objection and contradict the processing of their personal data. If you wish a correction, locking, deletion or information about your personal data collected on this website or if you have questions about how and what personal data is collected on this website or if you want to revocate given consents, you can reach us under the following email address:

SSL encryption

This website uses SSL encryption to secure the connection between you and this website and protect the data being sent.